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About Imge
Experience the spreadd, Here’s why?

Spreadd allows influencers and brands to collaborate and run campaigns with trusted & targeted data! We empower brands and influencers by providing them access to relevant demographics and data of the audience, helping them improve the ROI.

Blockchain-based smart contracts will bring transparency and authenticity for content creators and their audience. Cutting the enormous amount of middle interference and making the process less clumsy!

About advertiser

Make smarter decisions via choosing authentic and most worthwhile influencers and take full control of all the info on your influencer collaborations.


  • Connect with right influencer collaborations with precise targeted audience reach
  • Increase revenue and spread awareness
  • Elevate users engagement with validated ROI
  • Data driven and automated flow for communication, tracking and analytics
  • Safely purchase performance-based influencer services
  • Manage influencer's content aligning with your brand vision
  • Know about competitor’s marketing tactics
  • Automatch making content
  • Approved terms and conditions via smart contracts
  • Power influencer search with most relevant filtered data
  • Quick and easy campaign creation and execution

Stand out with your work and stories in front of brands by showcasing real data driven results. You can make successful collaborations and grow your influencing power with meeting the brands


  • Showcase your authentic reach, engagement and results with smart contracts
  • Finding paid sponsorships and collaborations easier than ever before
  • Get recognized your niche with the right filters
  • Find a much higher number of opportunities than usual
  • Choose your own sponsors
  • Set your own rates
  • Advanced automatch making for desirable collaborations.
  • Create content that actually sells and generate the value and reach, faster.
  • Showcase your real time insights